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Help us prevent the collision of Earth and Nibiru (Planet X) on December 21. 2012

Our international staff is working tirelessly to stop the end of human civilization as we know it. And our sucess depends on your support! There is still some time left to finance our kickstarter project to minimize the effects of Nibiru on December 21st 2012 A.D. Planet Nibiru or Planet X is the biggest threat to humanity since the Black Plague. The sun gave birth to Nibiru many millenia ago. The ancient Maya then predicted from astronomical observations that Nibiru will hit the Earth on December 21st 2012 A.D. That is why the so-called Maya calendar discovered in the ruins of that great civilization ends on that very date.

Help us prevent earthquakes caused by Nibiru (Planet X) after December 21st 2012 A.D. and in the following months


Nibiru’s magnetic attraction will increase the likelihood of severe earthquakes. We will try to prevent those registering a level of 6.3 or above on the Richter scale. Our methods are shown in the picture above. Since giant tape can be quite expensive, we need financial support to realize these projects. Unfortunately, we lost most of our funding during the last recession. We have since diversified our fundrainsing efforts, including setting up a kickstarter project (link).

Help us stop tornados caused by Nibiru (Planet X) - 2012 Maya calendar crisis


The 2012 Maya calendar crisis effects not only Earth but also the sun. Due to the magnetic forces of approaching Nibiru, levels of sun activity have increased by 63% since the 1980s, which in turn effects the temperature on earth. What is usually called global warming is, in fact, caused by Nibiru. This makes it part of the apocalypse or crisis in 2012 that was prophesied by the Maya. The immense desertification due to high atmospheric temperatures will leave the northern hemisphere with huge areas susceptible to convection currents. Tornado warnings are expected to increase tenfold. We will build a lattice piecrust across the Great Plains to stop them.

Help us prevent hurricanes caused by Nibiru (Planet X) after December 21st 2012 A.D.


Another aspect of the crisis prophsied by the Maya, is a notable increase in the ocean's temperature. As a "hot smoker", Nibiru or Planet X will raise the ocean’s temperature by a total of 6°F. This puts the Earth at a high risk for Category 5 hurricanes. We are currently using parts of Jeremiah‘s old VW van to build a machine that should cool the oceans down again. Unfortunately we still need some specific replacement parts from the 1970s to finish this project. Find out about how you can support us here (link).

Help us prevent floods caused by Nibiru (Planet X) - 2012 Maya calendar crisis

Photo by Kingbob86 (Timothy) (

Nibiru’s approach will cause extreme tidal waves. We plan to construct dams, minimizing damage to sensitive coastal areas and channeling the power of the waves to renewable energy providers. For more information about how you can support these preventative measures, click here.

Help us prevent eruptions caused by Nibiru (Planet X) after December 21st 2012 A.D.


As the asthenosphere is heated up by the approaching Nibiru, spontaneous eruptions may become commonplace. In this case, we may not be able to keep the Earth's cool. Inspired by ancient Mayan traditions, we will begin making offerings to the gods on top of Hunahpú (Volcán de Agua in Guatemala). We will start with Jeremiah‘s iPad and end with human sacrifice.

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Photos: Brian Snelson and Jeff Turner (flickr)

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